New partnership between ICL Cátodos and Glencore Technology

Since 2007, ICL and Glencore Technology have a contract for the exclusive manufacture of ISA, KIDD and KIDD HP permanent cathodes. During this long period, Glencore Technology and ICL have formed an outstanding team, in which Glencore Technology has made available their designs, operational experience in electrometallurgy and the best materials available in the world. On the other hand, ICL has developed a highly sophisticated industrial and services structure in permanent cathodes manufacture, maintenance and reparations.

Due to logistical reasons, Glencore and ICL have decided to introduce a change in this supply management. This change is that ICL is the company that will perform the cathodic plates marketing for South America. The objective of this change is to strengthen communications and services in the Latin America Region.

Starting January 2020, ICL began to market its products directly to the clients, that is, the documentation of their users requirements, confection and presentation of quotations, proposals for public and private offers, direct selling processes, closing sells, signing contracts and accepting products or services purchase orders and performing the entire after sales management.