We are experts in technology manufacturing and development for mining industry. Through our strategic alliances, we provide to the market the right solutions at a right time to fulfil every requirement of our clients.

Main maintenance

  • Plate-hanger bar welding with copper or nickel filler.

  • Hanger bar change.

  • Stainless steel plate change.

  • Jacket and epoxy resin injection.

Minor maintenance

  • Plate polishing in both sides.

  • Bar cleaning

  • Bar straightening.

  • Steel plate straightening.

  • • Edge strips installation or reinstallation.

In-plant copper grading services

  • Inspection and grading according to quality

  • Bundles rearrangement.

  • Sampling.

  • Cleaning and bundling.

  • Transport in every phase until arriving to the dispatch area.

Leaching plant services

  • Irrigation system installing, maintenance and solutions recollection in leaching plants

  • Leach heap vent system installation

Servicios de apoyo a operación de nave EW

  • Cells barren removal

  • Short circuits detection and suppression

  • Demister balls cleaning

  • Contacts cleaning

  • Electrodes alignment

  • Organic removal